Welcome to Pearson School for the Arts (upon completion of the Selections Workshop and receiving the acceptance email, please review the following):

 We welcome our new families to Pearson. We are expecting another exciting year as your child is introduced to the many special activities and events held throughout the various subject areas.  We are hoping that this information will be helpful with the transition to our school. Please read all the information carefully.

Grade 3 Student Orientation Day – Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Drop off 9:20—9:30

**New** Parents are invited to Meet and Greet in the gym @ 11:15am (with light refreshments) for those able and interested in getting the inside scoop on what kind of activities Pearson gets involved in and volunteer opportunities from our Home and School Council! Please let us know if you plan on attending this opportunity

Pick up 12:00—12:10

The Student Orientation Day is an opportunity for students to meet each other and their teachers and to sample a more typical Pearson Day!  Please send your child to the school in the same fashion as Admissions, making use of the Drop Off/Pick-up Zone at the front of the school. Please drop off your child between 9:20 - 9:30 a.m. Please make sure your current school office knows your child will be absent that morning.  If your child is ill on that day we also will require to be informed in order to follow our safe arrivals policy.   We will wrap up our activity at noon and you can pick them up just as you did on the workshop day (if you are not attending the parent Meet and Greet – otherwise, we’ll bring your child to the gym to meet you).

No lunch required - just a pocket snack, indoor shoes and comfortable clothes for a regular school day.

Gr. 4 homeroom teachers and some of the Arts teachers will direct activities, respond to questions, and acquaint students with the physical environment of the school. Some friendship activities with our current grade 4 students will be initiated.

 Teachers and students will meet the children at the drop-off zone in front of the school and escort them into the building to start in our Drama Studio. Pickup time begins at noon. Again, please use the drop-off zone on the street as our parking lot cannot safely handle the traffic of the additional vehicles.  Parents attending the meet and greet should be able to find parking on the street or in the back end of our parking lot (again, please let us know if you’re attending).

 Please let your current school know of this event and, if plans change at the last minute, notify both schools. Use our email address if possible ( or 519-452-8300).

 On Our Website

Attendance Reporting – a link to the online system to report absences; you can also download the APP on your smartphone.

School Cash Online - Here at Pearson, we have a 98% adoption rate of using School Cash Online.  There is a link on our website to take you to the site to sign up if you are not already using this system. Transportation payments are available in full or monthly at the end of August to be set up.

Parent Portal  - at the beginning of every school year, you are required to view your personal information to ensure it is accurate; give permission for your child to use the internet at school (computer use agreement); and give permission for your child’s picture or for them to appear in social media (YouTube) or good news stories.

Live Streams – a link to the Pearson YouTube page for live streams or past broadcasts.

Lunchbox Orders – a direct link to sign up for lunchbox orders for hot lunch on a weekly basis!  This is part of the fundraising the Home and School Council does for our school.  Your participation is helpful in many ways.  Also available: Booster Juice, Chil Frozen Yogurt and a variety of lunch options including Pizza every week!

Sprit Wear Info – to be updated each year, so far we only take orders in the fall (also a Home and School fundraising inititative) **very popular

Check out the link to our Summer Arts Camp!  Currently taking registrations for this July 2020 (Jk – Gr8)

1. Meet the Teacher

There will be an informal Meet the Teacher Night in the fall. All grade 4 parents will meet in the gym at 7:00 p.m. You can find the dates of all school events by looking at our school web page: 

2. School Supplies

Your child needs a pencil case, erasers, metric ruler, pencils (eraser tipped), coloured markers and pencil crayons, 2 - 1" binders with 4 dividers for each binder. Other items are supplied by our school.

3. Dance & Gym

Your child will need black shorts or dance tights, and a black t-shirt.  We also sell school spirit wear in the fall and offer a selection of Pearson crested t-shirts, hoodies and other "cool" gear.

4. Shoes

Indoor shoes are required for gym classes.  Outdoor shoes are required so students can change and will not track dirt into studio spaces.  Flip flop sandals are not recommended for Pearson due to safety concerns.

5. Performances & Performance Attire

One of the major requirements and highlights for students in our program is participation in performances. The dates of these functions are outlined in our web calendar and in our email notices, which are distributed to families. These events are often scheduled during the evening and on weekends. This demands an extra commitment for all Pearson students.

Outside of school sports tournaments – drama, dance recitals or other activities ARE NOT considered exceptional.

If students do not fulfill this obligation they may be asked to withdraw from enrollment at L. B. Pearson.

Look forward to semi-regular Sharing Assemblies where students present their artistic achievements. Sometimes these events are available via live webcast on our YouTube channel.  These are held during the day, about once a month.

All students are expected to participate in the performances to which they have been assigned. Advance notice will be provided. Remember to check our school calendar online.

6. Performance Attire

The purpose of performance attire is to create a unified appearance on stage during our many public appearances.  In order for this to work we need to have consistency among our students in their purchase of performance attire.

For both boys and girls, performance attire is as follows:

  • A red Pearson sweater with a black Pearson crested golf shirt will be issued to all students at the beginning of the year associated to a number on each.  You keep both shirts until the last performance of the year has finished.  We then require the shirts to be washed and returned to Pearson or a replacement fee will be required.
  • Black trousers/Black Socks (you supply)
  • Black dress shoes (no high heels for girls – flats only for safety moving on and off stage risers) (you supply)
  • Black performance pants are worn by all students and are available from Old Navy for about  $16.00. You don’t need to buy the Old Navy version – they are just listed as a version for you to look at as a model.  You can buy them or others that look like them.
  • Other items are not acceptable – no skirts, shorts, tights, leggings or any other attire are permitted. Lululemon/yoga pants, culottes are not acceptable.
  • Black dress socks must not have stripes or any colour other than black and should be tall enough to go up the pant leg. No ankle socks. No skin should be visible.
  • Black shoes must be all black without any other colour visible on the side or lower surface.  All black is mandatory.  Laces must be black. Very low or no heels for safety getting on and off risers. Closed toe.


This shoe would be acceptable



This shoe would not be acceptable




7. Mandatory Performances

Some performances are designated as Mandatory Performances and if so all students are expected to be present and perform unless exceptional circumstances prevent this.  We need the commitment of our students to move ahead in our performances and having students opt out is not practical for us to complete the show to our standards.  

Agreement to the above is a condition of acceptance into the school.

A list of mandatory performances is distributed early in the school year.  There are no more than 6 mandatory performances in a school year.

  • Choral Celebration Concert in June is considered a Mandatory Performance for all grades
  • Grade sharing night (1 annually) is considered mandatory performance for that grade
  • Pearson On The Run - late September annually (Gr. 7’s) - Mandatory dress rehearsal and performance
  • Kiwanis Showcase Concert in April

8. Transportation

Information will be sent to you via email in the near future. Transportation to Pearson is not provided by the Board.  It is a paid service. Please watch your email for information and pricing for the coming school year.

9. Hot Lunches

Hot lunches are provided by the Home and School Association most Fridays. Your support is always appreciated in this excellent fund raising opportunity for our school.  Hot lunch info will be sent home in September and is available as a link on our website,

10. Volunteering Opportunities

There are always plenty of opportunities to join in and help out. School Council, Hot Lunch Committee, Silent Auction, field trip chaperones, and costumes – we are happy to have you join us. If you have a police records check on file at your current school, please obtain a copy for our records.

11. Communications

Emails with important information will be sent through the SchoolMessanger system.  It is imperitive that we have the correct email address on file at the school at all times.  Please allow notifications for this communication on your cellular device (if applicable) as well.

12. Daily Schedule

The day at Pearson is shown on our website. Our school runs on a six day cycle which you can see on a special calendar page you will receive at the beginning of the year.

Our website is a great source of information about our school.  We highly recommend you spend some time reviewing the website and investigating as much as possible about your new school!