Selections Workshops

Update on 2021 Selections Workshop Dates:

We will be holding a Virtual Open House on Monday, November 30th, 2020 and the link will be made live at 7pm. The YouTube link will be emailed to those that have filled out the application and will also be available on our website. There will be a fee associated to the workshop which will be determined based on the number of participants and will be made available on SchoolCashOnline after January 31st, again to those who have registered . The online application is open until January 31st, 2021.  We will be holding the workshop virtually through google forms and email accounts. Registered students will receive instructions to the Google account provided in the Google Registration form. There is nothing to prepare in advance and you will be given a timeline to complete the entries. Students will need to submit entries for each area of the arts (Dance, Music, Drama and Visual Art), plus an interview video. Each video will be observed by 2 or more teachers in the field and assessed.  The top 56 students from Grade 3 will be offered admission to Pearson for September 2021.  Students applying in higher grades will be placed on a waitlist and if we have a student leave our school, the first person on the waitlist for that grade will be offered admission. Please see our online application for more information